In every family, someone someday will have the unwelcome burden of planning a funeral for a loved one. There is no more stressful period for loved ones than that encountered inmediately after death occurs.

The fewer for them and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief, they will be forever grateful to you for relieving them of making decisions regarding the funeral arrangements. With a variety of pre-arrangement funeral plans, Our Funeral Directors will help you make emotional decisions free from the hardships of bereavement. 

For more information about our Professional Services, please contact us by e-mail or call us at  973-675-6400. We are here to serve your professionally. and provide facilities for receptions or can assist you with arranging them. 


Echoes, The Grief Center

"ECHOES" was designed to addressed the needs to those experiencing grief by providing information pertaining to their specific loss, support through pre-scheduled bereavement group and individual sessions, referrals to other organizations if necessary in order to faciliate effective grieving and ultimately reassurance that new day is coming.

We know that death can be like a windstorm so we are offering "Waves of Hope" through a wonderful new creative and innovative program.

To request more information regarding preplanning/pre-arrangement, or to begin the preplanning process, please call us at  (973) 675-6400 or simply click on the link "Echoes".